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Regent Law Professor to Discuss Separation of Church and State at Howard University School of Law

Regent University Professor Brad Jacob has been asked to participate in a discussion of the Constitution and the separation of church and state at Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C. The discussion will be hosted by the American Constitution Society (ACS) and will take place on Tuesday, March 27th.

The discussion will last approximately one hour and will take place in the conventional debate format. Professor Jacob will debate Edwin F. Kagin, a constitutional attorney and founder/director of Camp Quest, a summer camp for children of Atheists and other nonbelievers. Kagin also serves as the National Legal Director of the American Atheists.

Kagin believes that many hold an incorrect belief that the Ten Commandments form the basis of the law of our nation. On his web site,, Kagin states that “there is a great pooling of ignorance just now over the so-called ‘Ten Commandments,” found in the ‘Holy Bible,’ with many holding the incorrect belief that they…