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The Mitchell Report and Regent Law Alum

The Mitchell Report today focuses on the controversy over performance-enhancing drugs. At the behest of Congress, and the request of Major League Baseball, former Senator George Mitchell released his report “exposing a serious drug culture within baseball, from top to bottom.” Sports World Poised for Drug Report, Virginian Pilot at A1, Dec. 13, 2007. (See for the complete report. At a candid discourse with local baseball players, coaches, agents and executives during the recent Virginia Beach Sports Club annual Hot Stove Night event, a Regent Law alum served as the keynote address.

Highlighting the positive forward look on baseball having everything to do with the kind of person who plays and does business in the game, “Keynote speaker, local baseball agent and Regent University alum Joe Kohm spoke of the struggle between the major league players’ union and team ownership, how salaries skyrocketed due to free agency, and the relationship between competitive…

Constitutional Scholars Debate Standing at Symposium Hosted by Regent’s Law Review

The Regent University Law Review recently hosted a symposium in conjunction with the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies on Regent’s campus with more than 100 people in attendance. The theme was “Justiciability After Hein and Massachusetts: Where is the Court Standing?” The symposium convened to examine recent changes in the contours of Article III of the Constitution following the cases of Massachusetts v. EPA and Hein v. Freedom From Religions Foundation, Inc.

"We were excited that our symposium could provide a forum for in-depth debate on standing, as it is a cornerstone of our legal system that is often misunderstood and overlooked,” said Jodi Foss, a third year law student and Symposium Editor for the Law Review. “I personally enjoyed that Adler and Eastman took very opposite stands on the issues and both articulated such convincing and entertaining arguments.”

John Legg, a third year law student and Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review, commented that student an…