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Regent Law and Government Schools Establish Third Scholarly Publication

Unique Interdisciplinary Journal Provides Outlet for Students Interested in Public PolicyTheRegent Journal of Law and Public Policy (RJLPP) is the newest publishing board at Regent Law. A unique addition to the existent Regent Law Review and Regent Journal of International Law, the RJLPP is an interdisciplinary law and policy journal—a joint project of Regent Law and the Robertson School of Government.Encouraging an already strong relationship between the law and government schools, RJLPP’sstaffis comprised of up to one-third government students. This gives students at both schools a forum to sharpen each other on important issues of policy. “So many students attend Regent University because they are interested in public policy. This third journal allows these students the opportunity to pursue academically the area of their greatest interest,” said RJLPP founder and 2007-2008 Editor-in-Chief Matthew Clark.The RJLPP is also unique because it is the only interdisciplinary law and polic…

Regent Law Library Breaking Through

Summer remodel to reveal a more accessible, user-friendly Law Library

For 25 years, a single white wall at the top of a set of stairs has sealed off Regent’s third floor Law Library from the main University Library. Students searching the second floor for access to the third have met this wall with confusion and frustration. Their daunting task was to then go back down to the first floor, leave the main library, trudge through the atrium, and wait for the single elevator to lug them to the third floor.

Dubbed the “Stairway to Nowhere,” these stairs are soon to have their purpose fulfilled. An entourage of librarians, administration, and students armed with a sledge hammer made quick work of the white wall last week in the campaign to end the frustration.

In response to student concerns, the Law Library’s “Jericho Project” (Hebrews 11:30: "By faith the walls fell…") is making certain not only that the wall falls down to give easy access to the Law Library, but also that there is…

Regent Law School Professor Publishes with InterVarsity Press, Featured on Mars Hill Audio

Regent Law School professor Michael Schutt joins an esteemed guest list on the latest volume of Mars Hill Audio, an online media journal engaging culture from a Christian perspective.

This latest volume includes Professor Schutt’s insights on how day-to-day legal practice can reflect a Christian view of the nature of law.

The springboard for his discussion: Schutt’s recent book, "Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession." Published by InterVarsity Press in July 2007, "Redeeming Law" urges Christians called to the legal profession to live and think with integrity and to guard against the spiritual apathy that can creep into the daily grind of practice.

A professor and Director of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies, Schutt addresses the pitfalls associated with the legal profession: power and pride. By equipping readers to integrate faith in such a challenging vocation, his book brightens a path seldom traveled by academia.

Information about "…

Virginia Attorney General and Law School Alum Challenges Graduates

Sparkling blue skies and crisp white clouds reigned during much of Regent University's 2008 commencement exercises, eclipsed only by the brilliant smiles and collective joy of the more than 5,000 exuberant graduates, family and friends gathered for the ceremony. Regent awarded bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees to 1,095 students, the largest number in the school's 30-year history, on Saturday, May 10.

Following warm welcome remarks from Regent Chancellor and President Dr. M. G. "Pat" Robertson and Thomas J. Knox Jr., chairman of Regent's board of trustees, graduates and guests heard inspiring words from the Honorable Bob McDonnell, Virginia Attorney General and Regent alumnus. McDonnell holds both a master's degree in public policy and a law degree from Regent University, awarded in 1989.
McDonnell focused his message on one theme as he told the graduates, "Your hopes and dreams for the future are connected to the content of your character.…

Regent Law School Holds Commissioning Ceremony

Every year before commencement 3L (third-year) law students gather with faculty, family, and friends to reflect upon their time at Regent Law.

The Dean, Jeffrey Brauch, gives an address. There’s music, awards of recognition, and a time for students to publicly give thanks and honor where it’s due.

And perhaps most importantly, there’s prayer.

Regent Law believes that being a lawyer requires honesty, integrity, and a commitment to justice and eternal truths.


So when law students graduate, the law community prays that God will help them uphold these principles as they work out their calling as public defenders, as human rights advocates, as small and big firm attorneys, as servants of the public good.

The annual Commissioning Ceremony reminds the Regent Law School community that law is indeed more than a profession.

It’s a calling.

Commencement 08: Va. Attorney General and Regent Alum Bob McDonnell to Speak

The largest class in its 30-year history will graduate from Regent University on Saturday, May 10, 2008. Among the 1,095 students who will receive bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees are two who will receive the School of Divinity's first Ph.D.s ever awarded in Renewal Studies. The Regent School of Law will also award its first Master of Laws (LL.M.) in American Legal Studies.

Bob McDonnell, Virginia's 44th Attorney General, will deliver the commencement address. McDonnell holds a master's degree in public policy and a law degree from Regent University. Click here for full bio. For important information on commencement 2008 click here.