Law Professor Named as Chairman of Virginia Bar Association's Environmental Section

Law Professor Eric DeGroff has recently been appointed to serve as Chairman of the Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Section (The Section) of the Virginia Bar Association (VBA).

The Section is one of 19 practice-area sections of the VBA, a voluntary association of attorneys licensed in Virginia designed to enhance the standards of integrity, professionalism and excellence in the practice of law. As appropriate, the VBA seeks improvements in both the substance and administration of the law.

Approximately 125 individuals make up The Section. While these individuals are primarily attorneys from private firms, some are also law school faculty and representatives of government agencies and public interest groups who have a special interest in environmental law. The Section provides conferences and seminars on various aspects of environmental law and other opportunities to help members remain current on changes or expected changes in the law. The Section is also asked periodically to comment on pending environmental legislation.

The Section is administered by a Council consisting of the Section Chair, Vice-Chair, a Secretary-Treasurer and 9 additional representatives reflecting a cross-section of membership. Starting in 2006, DeGroff served as a council member and since 2007 had been serving as the Vice-Chair. His term as Chairman began in January 2009.

DeGroff’s expertise in Environmental law made him an excellent candidate for this leadership role. He has taught Environmental law and continues to publish in the field. Prior to joining Regent Law’s faculty, DeGroff practiced in Environmental law. As Chairman, he will lead members in organizing educational events and facilitating other activities of The Section.

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