L.L.M. in American Legal Studies Increases Regent Law’s Global Footprint

Regent Law already sends students to study in France, Spain, Israel, England, and other international destinations; but recently, the doors to international opportunities have opened a different way. The L.L.M. in American Legal Studies is a unique program that brings international law students to Regent University.

Professor Hernandez, Director of the program, greets interested students below:

Less than one third of American law schools have a program such as this, and Regent Law is the only Christian University to offer foreign law graduates training in American law. Just as a sound understanding of international law is imperative for American students, knowledge of America’s common-law system, standards of res judicata, or basic contract law principles are vital to any foreign lawyer.

There’s also great incentive for graduates of foreign institutions with a J.D.-equivalent and a desire to practice law in the U.S. Many state bar associations allow these students to sit for the bar if they’ve received an L.L.M. of the type Regent Law offers.

Two students, Sheharyar Gill from Pakistan and Clare Huang from China, are currently participating in the program. Mixed in with first year students, the L.L.M. student can influence class discussion with their international perspective while gaining insight from American-minded students. Fabio Correa from Brazil earned his L.L.M. in 2008.

The program began in 2007, and the administration is working to make part or all of it available online by 2010. Regent University has been nationally recognized as having top-tier online programs, and this offering will only increase the range of excellent programs, opening even more international doors.

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