Speak at Your Own Risk!

Each year the University Library, in partnership with the Law Library and the Office of Student Services, presents an informative panel designed to give students a deeper appreciation for the Constitution and its impact on current events.

The 5th Annual Constitution Day on September 17th addressed the issues of freedom of expression and new developments in first amendment interpretation.

The following distinguished guests spoke from their expertise on the topics, including discussions on the first amendment and the press, journalism, the internet, and legal obligations:

  • Admiral Vern Clark (Retired Chief of U.S. Naval Operations)
  • Dr. Bruce Swaffield (School of Communications and the Arts)
  • Professor James Duane (School of Law)
  • Wendy Griffith (co-anchor of CBN News)
  • Professor Lynne Marie Kohm (School of Law)

“My goal is to help develop an exciting, informational and inspirational event for the campus community that will help the library stay at the core of academic life on campus,” said Sara Baron, Dean of the University Library. Past Constitution Days themes have included “Can the Constitution Survive the Threat of Terrorism?” and “The Wisdom of Keeping Quiet on Important Issues During Confirmation Hearings.”

For an insider’s perspective, visit Professor Kohm’s blog of the event .

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