Faculty Achievements: Week of January 21, 2014

Professor Tessa Dysart will participate in a Federalist Society Faculty Division Colloquium on Freedom of Assembly and Religious Liberty in Dallas, Texas from January 24 to January 25. The colloquium discusses whether rediscovering the freedom of assembly is necessary to ensure the autonomy of private associations.

Professor Dysart's article, “The Protected Innocence Initiative: Building Protective State Law Regimes for America's Sex-Trafficked Children” in the Columbia Human Rights Law Review, garnered great success in 2013. The article was cited in 15 different sections of McKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated; eight sections of McKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated under the Family Court Act; six sections of the Penal Law; and one section of the Social Services Law.

Professor Natt Gantt spoke to the University of Virginia School of Law Christian Fellowship on Thursday, January 23. He will also present "Teaching Agape Love to Law Students" at Pepperdine University School of Law's Love and Law Conference, scheduled February 7 through February 8.

Several of Professor Craig Stern's articles have been recognized by law reviews at law schools U.S. News & World Report ranks highly. Michigan Law Review, Washington Law Review, Emory Law Journal, and Georgia Law Review cited "Sue?” Northwestern University Law Review also cited "What's a Constitution Among Friends?—Unbalancing Article III."

Professor Stern's article "Look Who's Talking" was cited in the U.S. Code Annotated: West, as well as in McKinney's Consolidated Statutes of New York. “Torah and Murder: The Cities of Refuge and Anglo-American Law” was cited in the West’s Annotated Indiana Code.

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