Faculty Achievements: Week ending June 27, 2014

Professor James Duane's article, "The Proper Pronunciation of Certiorari: The Supreme Court's Surprising Six-Way Split," continues to be cited online. University of Wisconsin Law School professor Ann Althouse addressed the article in her popular ephonymous blog, and National Law Journal featured the article in "No Video, But Here's Audio of How Justices Say 'Certiorari.'"

Professor James Duane also had the opportunity to speak in Tulsa, Okla., as the keynote speaker at the 2014 Criminal Defense Institute sponsored by the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Professor Bradley Jacob was interviewed by CBN News regarding legal challenges related to recent attempts to redefine marriage.

Professor Scott Pryor's paper, "Municipal Bankruptcy: When Doing Less is Doing Best," was recently listed on SSRN's Top 10 download list in these categories: ERN: Other Political Economy: National, State & Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations (Topic); and PSN: Local Politics & Policy (Topic).

Regent Law Secures Victory at 12th Annual Statewide Legal Food Frenzy for Third Year Running

Regent University School of Law students, faculty,  and staff contributed to the 1.5 million pounds of food collected by the local legal com...