Regent Law Faculty Achievements - Week of February 1, 2016

Regent University's School of Law Faculty members willingly share their knowledge and expertise beyond the classroom to spark scholarly debate and advance the practice of law. Their latest endeavors include the following.

In December of 2015, Professor James Duane published a short essay, "The Extraordinary Trajectory of Griffin v. California: The Aftermath of Playing Fifty Years of Scrabble with the Fifth Amendment," with Stanford’s online Criminal Law Journal, available here on SSRN.  Connected to that piece and another article by Professor Duane on Fifth Amendment privileges (view here), this 3-minute video had been online for only two days and was viewed almost 5 million times.  It has now been viewed more than 8.5 million times.  Furthermore, this story at The Blaze provides a nice summary of the synergy of these events, all from scholarship and teaching well integrated.  This has made a great increase in our SSRN downloads as you can see from the right hand side of this chart, and being number one on the following SSRN Top Download lists:

  • Evidence & Evidentiary Procedure eJournal
  • Criminal Procedure eJournal
  • Law & Society: Criminal Procedure eJournal

His article also placed second on the Criminal Law & Procedures eJournal list!  Well done, Professor Duane.

Professor James Duane also was recently interviewed on CBN News regarding the Center for Medical Progress’ grand jury indictment of the Planned Parenthood investigative journalist videos on fetal tissue harvesting and sales. View the interview here.

Assistant Professor Tessa Dysart’s article, The Origination Clause, the Affordable Care Act, and Indirect Constitutional Violations, that she presented to us at a fall Law Library Faculty Colloquium event, was cited in the amicus brief, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, found here. Assistant Professor Dysart also appeared on local TV at the request of WVEC reporter Mike Gooding regarding the Supreme Court's initial lack of action on the McDonnell appeal. View it here.

Professor Craig Stern’s article paper, "Mens Rea and Mental Disorder," was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for Criminal Law eJournal, and LSN: Criminal Offenses & Defenses (Sub-Topic).

Associate Professor Kathleen McKee’s latest article, a book review on An Alternative to "Business as Usual?" Evangelical Christian Executives: A New Model for Business Corporations by Lewis D. Solomon. New Brunswick, J.J.: Transaction Publishers. 2004. pp. 177, will soon be published and posted at SSRN.  And, many of you were present at the Law Library Faculty Colloquium Tuesday January 26, when Associate Professor McKee and Associate Dean Lynne Marie Kohm presented their article on "Sustainable Development, Family, and Human Trafficking." They will also be presenting this research at Christopher Newport University’s Global Conference on Women in March.

The next Law Library Faculty Colloquium will feature Associate Professor Gloria Whittico. More information.

Center for Global Justice Administrative Director Ernie Walton’s blog on children’s rights was picked up by's commentary section found here.

Professor Natt Gantt and Associate Dean Lynne Marie Kohm will be presenting in the final plenary session of the annual Nootbaar Conference at Pepperdine on Doing No Harm.

Be sure to mark your calendar and register for the Center for Global Justice 5th Annual Symposium, Women's Rights: 50 Years After Griswold v. Connecticut to be held March 4th, 2016. This event includes two panel discussions, a two-credit ethics CLE, luncheon and a banquet with featured speaker Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic and now prominent pro-life advocate. Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has also been invited to speak. For more information on the conference, the CLE and to register, visit the Center for Global Justice website

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