Regent Law Students Participate in John Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy Competition

Three Regent Law students recently participated in the John Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy Competition sponsored by Antonin Scalia Law School and held at Fairfax County Judicial Center.

L to R: Prof. Jim Metcalfe (coach), Olga Pazilova, Molly Banas, and Selia Butler

The team represented the defendant, who was charged with felony murder and involuntary manslaughter.

The Costello competition is an that takes place in a courtroom in front of three judges. Facts and witnesses are revealed as the competition progresses to keep students on their toes.  The students all agreed it was a great experience.

Regent Law Career Services & Alumni Relations Hosts Corporate Counsel Panel

On February 6, 2018, Regent Law Career & Alumni Services had the privilege of hosting three members of the Virginia State Bar Corporate Counsel Section. Panelists included Charles W. Durant,  Vice-President and Assistant General Counsel for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC); Adam Hark, in-house legal counsel for Maxient LLC, a Charlottesville-based provider of student conduct record management software to institutions of higher education; and Mark E. Newcomb, Counsel and Vice President – Claims & Insurance for ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd., in the Americas, Canada, and Caribbean Home Office in Norfolk, VA.

L to R: Charles Durant, Adam Hark, Mark Newcomb, and
Associate Director for Career Services & Alumni Relations Rosey Mellion

The panel discussed the differences between a corporate attorney and traditional (law firm) attorney, the skills required to be a successful corporate attorney. While a firm attorney works in a world of billable hours and memos of explanation, a corporate attorney needs to provide immediate advice in brief emails that are understandable to non-lawyers in the corporate world.

The panel compared being a corporate attorney to being a family doctor: you have to be prepared to handle a variety of problems, seek to be an expert in everything, and know when to make referrals for specialists when the situation calls for it.

The corporate world requires patience, communication skills, curiosity (competence) to understand the business, interpersonal skills, and flexibility.  Corporate attorneys are expected to give clear advice in writing and distinguish between a terrible decision and an illegal action.

Students had several questions following the panel (and the panel members graciously stayed afterward for additional questions.

2018 NIFLA National Legal & Medical Summit

The National Institute of Family & Life Advocates (NIFLA) will be hosting a National Legal & Medical Summit at The Founders' Inn on May 23-24, 2018. Regent Law Professors Lynne Marie Kohm and Bradley Jacob will be among the event speakers.

The Keynote Speaker for the evening is Michael Farris, President, Alliance Defending Freedom.  Through NIFLA's education in ultrasound training, guidance in becoming a medical clinic, direction on legal issues, and fighting legislative battles, pregnancy centers have been able to count on NIFLA to stand with them. Over the years, NIFLA has witnessed many positive changes. It is time to celebrate the reduction of the abortion rate. Lives are being saved and mothers in crisis are being helped.  While the legislative battles have been many, NIFLA stands victorious and will continue to fight for the legal protection of pro-life pregnancy centers to keep their doors open.  Together, with other pro-life organizations, NIFLA celebrates the gift of life for all. 

For 25 years, NIFLA has had the privilege of serving prolife pregnancy centers across the country. Our Celebration Dessert will be on May 23, 2018 at 7:00 PM at The Founder's Inn Atrium. Our keynote speaker will be Michael Farris, President of Alliance Defending Freedom. 

Event Speakers
Thomas Glessner, JD, President, NIFLA
Anne O'Connor, JD, VP of Legal Affairs, NIFLA
Audrey Stout, RN, RDMS,  VP of Medical Services, NIFLA
Byron Calhoun, MD, FACOG, FACS,  National Medical Advisor, NIFLA
Dotsy Davis, RDMS, BSRT, RVT, Ultrasound Consultant,  Soundview Imaging Partners
Kevin Theriot, JD, Senior Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom
Lynn Marie Kohm, JD, Associate Dean, Regent University Law
Danielle White, JD, Legal Counsel, Heartbea International
Catherine Glenn Foster, JD, President & CEO, Americans  United for Life
Bradley Jacob, JD, Associate Professor,  Regent University Law
Sandy Christiansen, MD, Medical Consultant, Care Net         
Alexandra Snyder, JD, Executive Director, Life Legal Defense  Foundation
H. Robert Showers, JD, Simms.Showers Law
Ron Renzi, Patriot Insurance

Summit Sessions Include:

  • Attacks on Pregnancy Centers: Case Updates
  • Protecting Your Pregnancy Center From Religious Freedom Threats
  • Roe's Effects on Family Law
  • 501(c)3 Restrictions on Lobbying and Political Activity
  • Legal Issues Impacting lnsurance Claims
  • Legal Issues Facing PRCs/PMCs
  • Abortion's Impact on Women's Health
  • Legal/Medical Ethical Issues Related to PMCs
  • Sex Trafficking Impact on the PRC/PMC
  • Insurance and the PRCs/PMCs
  • Employment Law & Personnel
  • Medical: Is Ultrasound Safe? 
  • Ultrasound Images

To learn more about the Summit, please visit

Regent Law's Wealth Management and Financial Planning Program Renewed

Regent University launched its M.A. in Law program in the fall of 2014. A year later, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson saw the need for a Wealth Management and Financial Planning Concentration and it was added to the program. Regent Law is happy to announce that the Wealth Management and Financial Planning program has been renewed for two years by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards. The board commended the diversity in Regent’s program, calling it “an important area of emphasis for the CFP Board and the profession in general.”

The M.A. in Law with a Wealth Management and Financial Planning Concentration currently consists of 30 credit hours and covers the 72 topics required for all CFP Board-registered programs. Graduates of Regent’s program are eligible to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination.

This program was developed a bit more than 2 years ago when Dr. Robertson realized that as our population ages, there is an increased need for quality, principled leadership by well-educated individuals to help with wealth transfer. Financial planners enjoy the opportunity of helping their clients achieve their life goals by offering assistance regarding wise use of money and financial planning so they can afford to purchase a home, if desired, educate their children, be able to retire at the desired age, and be sufficiently insured or otherwise prepared to survive life events that potentially could cause financial crisis. Regent’s program also opens the door for careers such as Certified Financial Planner®, Wealth Management Advisor, Trust Officer, and Investment Manager.

Ian Lawrence
Current M.A. in Law student Ian Lawrence is pursuing a Master of Arts in Law with a concentration in Wealth Management and Financial Planning and plans to graduate May 2018. Ian attended both on-campus and online classes to help balance his family and work while still pursuing his degree.  “I have a wife and two young kids and I work full-time so it's definitely a challenge.” Ian tries to block out times in the evening and on weekends for the program. Ian recommends having a strong interest in wealth management and financial planning for those considering taking on such a degree, and an idea of where you want to go with the degree afterward. "It's also helpful to have some knowledge and experience in business and finance in addition to the strong interest in financial planning," he says.

Janis Kirkland
Janis Kirkland, the Director of Regent Law’s Wealth Management & Financial Planning concentration, believes that now is the perfect time for students to pursue this type of M.A. in Law:  “In this economy, wealth management and financial planning is especially important,” she says. “The baby-boomer generation is reaching retirement age. We need competent and ethical advice about how to best prepare for retirement and manage our resources so they will sustain us throughout our old age. Younger individuals and families need financial guidance as well. They need to be prepared to survive economic downturns, to educate their children, and to prepare for their own retirement.” 

For more information about Regent Law’s wealth management & financial planning degree or any of the school’s new Master of Arts concentrations, call 877.267.5072 or visit

Lynne Marie Kohm Awarded the 2017 Faculty Excellence in Service Award

Each quarter, Regent University’s Office of Academic Affairs honors faculty members with Faculty Excellence Awards.

On November 7, Regent Law professor Lynn Marie Kohm was awarded the 2017 Faculty Excellence Award in the area of service. According to Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riaño, executive vice president of Academic Affairs, Kohm “embodies the cheerful servant leader,” and claims that her most important service to LAW is her commitment to coordinating a student women’s discipleship group.

“[Kohm] exemplifies servant leadership,” said Moreno-Riaño. “She works tirelessly to promote her school to external audiences … in her faculty development role, she passionately encourages faculty to develop their research and scholarship.”

Congratulations to Professor Lynne Marie Kohm!

Regent Law Hosts "Women in the Law" Panel

On November 7, the Public Interest Legal Advocates of Regent (PILAR), in partnership with Regent University School of Law Career and Alumni Services, hosted a panel titled, "Women in the Law." Panelists included Dannielle Hall-McIvor, Associate City Attorney for Virginia Beach City Attorney's Office; Jennifer Williams, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney from the Newport News Commonwealth Attorney's Office; Virginia Van Valkenburg, Assistant United States Attorney from the Eastern District of Virginia and Mr. Kevin Reep, Human Resources Manager for the US Attorney's office in Norfolk and proud father of Jessica Reep, a current 1L.

The President and Vice President, Madeline Jones, and Leata Laidlow respectively, introduced the panel and moderated the questions. Regent Law students enjoyed lunch and a lively discussion about the unique aspects of being a woman in the legal profession, focusing on the female perspective and issues women encounter in the workplace and court. Panelists answered questions from the moderator and audience and the exchange was insightful and inspiring.

Student turnout was one of the best for the semester. This panel was another unique opportunity offered through our career development series for students to hear valuable advice and guidance from three distinguished local ladies of the law.

Honors Students Meet with Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons, Supreme Court of Virginia

On November 3, twelve of our Regent Law Honors Program students traveled to Richmond, VA, to visit the Supreme Court of Virginia.  They met with the Honorable Donald W. Lemons, Chief Justice, for a lively discussion. 

After hearing oral arguments in two cases, State Law Librarian Gail Warren spoke with the students about the court, its work, and its history. 

Some students also were able to speak with the Honorable D. Arthur Kelsey, Justice, joined by his clerk, Alexandra McPhee (Regent Law 2017 grad). 

In the afternoon, students toured the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and discussed the operation and work of this court with Patricia S. Conner, the Clerk of Court.

Regent Law Students Participate in John Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy Competition

Three Regent Law students recently participated in the John Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy Competition sponsored by Antonin S...