Student Wins Case for Civil Litigation Clinic Client

Wading through the complexities of employment law can be a challenging process even for seasoned attorneys.

Through Regent Law’s Civil Litigation Clinic, current students have the opportunity to gain experience in some of the most challenging practice settings while helping clients in need in the process.

As part of her work with the Clinic, current student Emily Dunn ('13) recently helped a client win back the unemployment benefits which were unfairly denied her by her employer.

Dunn met with her client under the guidance of Professor Kathleen McKee, Director of the Civil Litigation Clinic. Dunn simplified the statutes and information involved in the case, developed a defense for her client based upon the corresponding case law, and won the case in court.

The clinical experience gives students confidence and a sense of accomplishment, eliminating the gap between the classroom and the courtroom.

"Our classes and professors instill in us the confidence we need to successfully represent our clients," Dunn says. "I was able to use that confidence to my client’s benefit in simplifying the process and vindicating her case."

Dunn's clinical experience solidified her desire to help people through the law by researching and advocating on their behalf. She highly recommends the clinic experience to future lawyers who have not yet had a chance to intern in an attorney’s office or in a court setting.

The Civil Litigation Clinic serves clients whose household income is at or below the federal poverty line, handling landlord/tenant, consumer, selected domestic relations, and administrative matters. Under the immediate supervision of an experienced attorney, students have direct responsibility for handling cases from initial interviews to conclusion of representation. The Civil Litigation Clinic has been in operation since January of 1995 and handles approximately 20-30 cases per semester.

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