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Professor James Duane Interviewed on MSNBC

Professor James Duane was interviewed on MSNBC Thursday, May 23, regarding whether or not IRS official Lois Learner should be permitted to plead the Fifth Amendment in the congressional investigation. Duane's comments regarding the Fifth Amendment were also included in this Wednesday, May 22, online edition of New York Magazine, and articles in The Week, Politico and Yahoo! Newson Thursday, May 23.

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Grace Pandithurai named Alumna of the Year

"When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Broadway star," said Grace Pandithurai, the 2013 recipient of the Regent University Alumni Association's Alumnus of the Year award. Pandithurai, '10 (Law) (shown right, accepting award from Founder and Chancellor Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson) always longed to star in Elton John's musical adaptation of Aida. However, her parents—who raised Pandithurai in a traditional Indian home—had different plans
for her.

"My dad looked at me and said, 'Indian people don't do this; you can be a lawyer, a doctor or a computer scientist,'" said Pandithurai.

Pandithurai's father would remind her of the hardships, bribery and corruption he witnessed in his homeland. He had a special interest in the United States' legal system, which—despite Pandithurai's dreams of Broadway—instilled within her a love of pursuing law and justice.

"Since [my father] was so passionate, I became passionate," said P…

Virginia Governor Addresses Executive Leadership Series

Regent University's Executive Leadership Series (ELS) welcomed Virginia Governor Robert "Bob" McDonnell '89 (Law and Government) at its monthly luncheon on Wednesday, May 1.

McDonnell, a former lieutenant colonel in the United States Army and former Attorney General of Virginia, spoke candidly about the qualifications of a successful leader before a crowd of 500 at the Chesapeake Conference Center.

"Most of what I can tell you about leadership I've learned the hard way," McDonnell said. "It's one thing to know principles in your heart, but to have them tested is another thing entirely."

McDonnell used his breadth of personal experiences to outline the keys to leading successfully. "First, if you're going to enter leadership, you have to know what you believe in," he said. "Storms of life will always come, and you will be tested. You have to be able to stand firm in what you believe."

Second, "surrounding yours…