Faculty Achievements: Week ending February 28, 2014

Professor James Duane was quoted in a news article in The Record titled “Analysis: Should Fifth Amendment Protection Apply to Documents in GWB Case?” It addresses the George Washington Bridge scandal: members of Governor Chris Christie's staff are using Fifth Amendment protection to avoid providing documents to a legislative committee investigating the bridge shutdown.

Professor Natt Gantt and a group of law students that included Kevin Hoffman, Holly Ortiz, and Rebecca Vermette, presented a CLE program, "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Ethical Issues Surrounding Lawyer Mobility," to the James Kent Chapter of the American Inn of Court on February 19.

Professor Michael Hernandez is completing the final edits for his book for West Publishing on "Estates in Land and Future Interests."

Professor Bradley Jacob was interviewed by WVEC on February 14 regarding the recent ruling against Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage.

On February 15, Professor Lynne Marie Kohm was a guest on the Moody Radio Network program Up for Debate. The program addressed whether pastors should marry cohabitating couples. Professor Kohm was also a guest on CBN News on February 14 and offered comments on a Norfolk federal judge's ruling that Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Professor Lynne Marie Kohm’s article, “Marriage, State Domestic Regulations Power and Family Strength,” was published in the February 2014 edition of Virginia Lawyer.

On March 18, Professor Kathleen McKee will speak at the APA Film Screening on human trafficking at the Regent University School of Communication & the Arts.

Professor David Wagner sent an article out for publication. It addresses parental rights and home schooling based on his presentation at the 16th Annual Federalist Society Annual Meeting during the Association of American Law Schools Convention in New York.

Center for Global Justice Administrative Director Ernie Walton accepted an offer from Capital University Law Review to publish his article, "Preserving the European Convention on Human Rights: Why the UK's Threat to Leave the Convention Could Save It," this spring. 

Professor Gloria Whittico sent her article, "The Persistence of Analogy: Motor Vehicles, 'The Broccoli Horrible,' Logic, Analogy and Rhetoric in the U.S. Supreme Court's Commerce Clause Analysis in National Federation of IndependentBusiness v. Sibelius," for publication. On March 13, Professor Whittico will also present at the Wells Conference on Adoption Law at Capital University Law School.

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