School of Law Hosts Second Eagle Awards

As Regent University School of Law seeks to provide excellent education for its attorneys-in-training, it also esteems the students who have proven to be the best and brightest in their classes.

On Thursday, September 4, the School of Law hosted its second Eagle Awards ceremony in the Moot Court Room.

Jeffrey Brauch, dean of the School of Law, and Douglas Cook, professor and associate dean for Academic Affairs and Student Services, honored students who achieved the highest grades in all 87 of Regent's law classes for the 2014 spring and summer semesters.

The name of the ceremony comes from Isaiah 40:31 which says, "Those who hope in the Lord…will soar on wings like eagles."

"The Eagle Awards celebrate students and their dedication to excellence; this is especially important given our Christian mission," said Brauch. "Colossians 3 urges us: 'Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.' The Eagle Awards honor students who are worshipping God through excellent work. In doing so, they honor God as well."

While several students were honored for their highest ranking in more than one class, Diana McGraw '15 (pictured) earned the highest grade in four of her second-year law classes. McGraw is enrolled in Regent's accelerated J.D. program.

"I don't know which class was my favorite, they were all good," said McGraw. "It required a lot of reading, studying and doing homework assignments just to be prepared."

McGraw was recognized for outstanding performance in her Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Torts, Property and Civil Procedure courses. She accomplished this all while working and maintaining a household of four children.

"It's busy, but at the same time, I think it's a good balance," said McGraw. "I have to keep in mind everything that's going on in the house."

Regent began the Eagle Awards ceremony—also known as "the Book Awards"—in January 2014, at the prompting and generous donation of Ron Fick, a trust and estates attorney in Florida and father of Allison Fick '14.

"A lot of the top-notch law schools have Book Award ceremonies, and I just thought we should have the same thing here, and everyone agreed," said Fick. "It's a great thing for a student to have on his or her resumé because employers look at it, and it's a big deal to finish number one in your class."

Fick, who received his own Book Award in Criminal Law during his time in law school, was also present to witness Allison earn an award for her third-year class in Corporate Tax.

"That was special; that was one of the reasons this whole thing got started," said Fick.

He recalls bringing his daughter for a visit to campus in 2011. After she was accepted into several law schools, he explained it was a "blessing" that Allison chose Regent as the school that would prepare her for her job with the American Center for Law and Justice.

"She could have gotten a diploma at any university, but she got so much more at Regent," said Fick. "The professors love their students and love Jesus and it really comes across."

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