Regent Law Students Attend Ice Cream Social with General Ashcroft

Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft is more than just a political figure; to Regent Law Students, Ashcroft is also an entertainer. Since joining Regent University in 2005 as a distinguished professor of law and government, Ashcroft has hosted an ice cream social at his beach home on 4 separate occasions. Each semester students hasten to sign up for the event as participation is limited to a first come, first serve basis.

On Tuesday, January 23rd, students were invited by General Ashcroft and his wife Janet to join them at their beach home for their most recent ice cream social. After Ashcroft had scooped ice cream for each of the 55 student participants, everyone headed to a large dining room table for casual conversation and fellowship with the General and his wife. Student Joshua Bachman stated that “personally interacting with the great men of our age such as General Ashcroft is truly what a University education is all about and Regent answers the call.”

When everyone’s bowls were empty, Ashcroft served seconds (and thirds) before students broke into small groups to compose songs about their law school experiences. One such song was created to the tune of the Garth Brooks’ hit, “Friends in Low Places”. As General Ashcroft sat at the piano and played the tune, students sang the lyrics:

"I've got grades in low places,
'Cause I didn't brief any of my cases
Cs mean I stay, so I'll be okay.
Well I'm not big on writing papers,
Oh, I've got grades in low places."

Aside from the sheer entertainment that the evening provided, the song writing exercise also helped foster teamwork and camaraderie amongst the students. “It was a blast. I got to make up a song with my fellow classmates and sing it to General Ashcroft”, said first year law student Aaron McDonnell. Students enjoyed the opportunity to converse with the General and his wife and look forward to the next ice cream social event.

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