Law and Government Student Founds Debate Society

Joshua Bachman, Regent University joint degree-seeker in Law and Government (2009), was honored by The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) as January’s “Volunteer of The Month” for his accomplishments in founding The Webster-Calhoun Debate Society.

Initially a book club and now a noted forum for discussion, debate, and consensus on complex socio-political issues, Bachman describes the Society’s mission as “encouraging proactive observation of life.” When forming the Society Bachman chose to partner with ISI, a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization, because according to Bachman they “promote the transcendent questions and answers of Western Civilization where it matters most: the academy.”

After ISI provides the Society with an academic text for analysis, participants draw a resolution from the reading and then begin debate. To foster a fun community that “cuts below chit chat to raise the level of discourse,” in addition to debate, a typical symposium includes dinner and a social hour at a local restaurant.

The Society undertook its first symposium on January 14, 2008. Their resolution, taken from Frederic Bastiat’s essay on liberty, The Law, was “All government welfare programs ought to end.” A litigious subject, the resolution was defeated 12-16. The topic of the next symposium, scheduled for March 14, 2008, is “Wal-Mart has caused more harm than benefit to communities.”

ISI aims to identify the best and brightest college students serving as leaders of their groups. In recognizing Bachman for his achievement, ISI thanked him for his “tireless leadership” and his “outstanding efforts.”

Set to graduate next year, Bachman is working hard to ensure future years of meaningful discussion.

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