Regent Law and Government Schools Establish Third Scholarly Publication

Unique Interdisciplinary Journal Provides Outlet for Students Interested in Public Policy

The Regent Journal of Law and Public Policy (RJLPP) is the newest publishing board at Regent Law. A unique addition to the existent Regent Law Review and Regent Journal of International Law, the RJLPP is an interdisciplinary law and policy journal—a joint project of Regent Law and the Robertson School of Government.

Encouraging an already strong relationship between the law and government schools, RJLPP’s staff is comprised of up to one-third government students. This gives students at both schools a forum to sharpen each other on important issues of policy.

“So many students attend Regent University because they are interested in public policy. This third journal allows these students the opportunity to pursue academically the area of their greatest interest,” said RJLPP founder and 2007-2008 Editor-in-Chief Matthew Clark.

The RJLPP is also unique because it is the only interdisciplinary law and policy journal published with a Christian perspective. It exists “to provide a premier forum for articulating the vital intersection of law and public policy, while integrating Christian perspectives.” Clark said that when he sought support for the journal, the administration got on board quickly because they saw how well it fit with Regent’s motto of ‘Christian Leadership to Change the World.’

The journal’s influence and visibility will be increased by its forthcoming online companion, The Policy Brief, which is something no other law and policy journal has.

“Both schools, the founding members, and the Executive Board members believe that it is quickly going to be one of the preeminent law and policy journals,” said Clark.

Already, former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell, U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of Oklahoma Gregory Frizell, and Chief Counsel of the ACLJ Dr. Jay Sekulow, among others, have agreed to sit on the advisory board.

Authors in the first edition will include members of the advisory board as well as Ralph Neas, President Emeritus, People of the American Way.

Because the distinctive journal provides the opportunity for people who make policy to write, Clark says editions that follow will undoubtedly include elected officials in all levels of government, members of think tanks, prominent professors, and practitioners in the areas of law and policy.

For more information on the RJLPP and all of Regent’s scholarly organizations, click here.

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