Law Professor Recognized for Promoting Affordable Textbooks

Eric DeGroff, a professor in the Regent University School of Law, has been selected as one of ten winners across the nation in the Used Textbook Association (UTA) Faculty Recognition Textbook Scholarship contest. DeGroff was recognized for his outstanding commitment to textbook affordability and the value of used textbooks for students on the Regent campus.

DeGroff was nominated by Peter Dacanay, textbook manager at the Regent University Bookstore and a member of the UTA. According to Dacanay, DeGroff made repeated efforts to communicate to the Regent Bookstore that he planned to adopt the old edition of the text he's using in his first-year Property Law class.

"In one decision DeGroff provided his former Property Law students the opportunity to get more money back, and for his fall Property Law students the opportunity to have more used (cheaper) books available to them at the Regent Bookstore," Dacanay said. "This is exactly what the UTA enjoys rewarding, and I feel Professor DeGroff went out of his way to help his former and future students save some valuable money."

As a winner, DeGroff will receive a $500 textbook scholarship to be awarded in his honor to Regent students. DeGroff and Dacanay will develop a plan to select students to receive the $500 award for textbooks through the bookstore.

The UTA was founded in 2006 by a group of textbook wholesalers who work to help students and the marketplace understand the true cost of textbooks, to help foster timely book adoptions by faculty members and to increase the overall supply of used textbooks. The UTA recognizes the key role that faculty have in selecting textbooks and promoting affordable options for students.

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