Recent Law Grad Published in Gonzaga Journal of International Law

Tim Spaulding (December ’07) has recently been published in the Gonzaga Journal of International Law.

The article, which can be read here, identifies and addresses domestic hindrances to the eradication of the child sex trade in Cambodia.

“Cambodia has model laws on the books against child prostitution, and yet the sex trade is rampant. This disconnect is part of what led me to write this article,” Spaulding said.

On a trip to Cambodia prior to attending law school, Spaulding became aware of the systemic and pervasive child sex industry plaguing the country. This realization served as one of his motivators for attending Regent Law.

“As Christians we’re called to bring freedom to the captives, hope to the hopeless, and to seek justice for those who have been wronged,” Spaulding said. “There are people you can’t effectively share the Gospel with until you’ve met their felt needs. It’s easy to say, ‘Jesus loves and cares for you’, but to a person wrongfully imprisoned, words alone don’t mean much. I believe putting our words into action is a crucial component of being a Christian, and I see the law as a tool for putting faith into action and action behind our words.”

Spaulding is an associate attorney at Glasser & Glasser, P.L.C. in Norfolk, VA where he practices in the areas of creditors' rights and commercial litigation.

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