Blogging Regent Law School & ACLJ: Student Interns Work on Supreme Court Case

Most law students will never have the opportunity to see their research appear in a brief filed for review by the Supreme Court, let alone witness first-hand the most exciting legal developments of our time.

A group of Regent Law students will.

The newly launched “Regent Law & ACLJ” blog catalogues Regent Law ACLJ interns helping make history through their work on an important case involving crucial 1st Amendment distinctions between government speech and private speech.

Opening arguments for the case, Pleasant Grove City v. Summum (No. 07-665), will be presented before the Supreme Court by ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow and are scheduled to begin this fall.

Read a summary of the case and its implications here.

Learn about the Regent Law ACLJ interns here.

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