The Big Picture: Virginia State Bar Publishes Law Professor’s Unique Perspective

John Huddleston, President of the Virginia State Bar, has created an inspiring project called The Big Picture. An online display of the unique lives of Virginia’s lawyers, the project aims to unite the state’s bar and stir members to service.

“I believe it is important to recognize the time, effort, and energy of some of Virginia’s finest volunteers,” said Huddleston. “Lawyers remain integrally involved in their community. In essence, lawyers are part of the big picture.”

Part of that “big picture” includes an essay on the concept of “calling” by Lynne Marie Kohm, John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law at Regent. Kohm was approached by the Virginia bar to write an essay in keeping with its goal of showcasing the good works of Virginia’s lawyers.
Kohm’s thought-provoking piece, which is a good read for anyone no matter their career path, can be found here.

With a continued focus on diversity of thought, in the next year Huddleston hopes to “tell the story of some of Virginia’s finest citizen lawyers.” Other contributions can be found at The Big Picture site.

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