Law Professor to Lead Seminar for Iranian Human Rights Attorneys

Regent University School of Law Professor Kathleen McKee has been invited to present a specialized seminar on Clinical Legal Education at the English for Human Rights Conference in Galway, Ireland, August 7 – 21.

According to McKee, clinical education is important because it ensures access to the courts for parties who might otherwise forgo their legal rights in the absence of legal representation.

“This conference is important to me because it allows me to share with other clinicians what I’ve learned in setting up and directing the Regent University School of Law Civil Litigation Clinic,” McKee said. “For me, our clinical program is an opportunity to walk out my Christian values. This conference allows me to share that sense of purpose with lawyers from another culture that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to be in contact with.”

McKee’s seminar roster is primarily composed of human rights attorneys from Iran.

Learn more about Regent Law’s international programs here.

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