Student Publishes Proposed Changes to Foreign Business Law

Rising 3L Christina Hulett is contributing to the corporate ethics conversation.

In her article “Corporations Are People Too: What Role Should Corporations Have in Fighting Bribery?”, Hulett explains the negative impact that corporate bribery has, especially on impoverished countries.

“The article acknowledges that some corporations are trying to operate within an ethical framework, but they are losing business because not all corporations are held to the same standard—especially those outside the United States,” said Hulett.

Her article first proposes an amendment to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a federal law that addresses the bribery of foreign officials. This amendment would provide a remedy for corporations that operate ethically but lose business to those that practice unethically. Second, it proposes a cause of action for corporations to bring charges against unethical businesses on behalf of the United States.

Ave Maria Journal of International Law will publish Hulett’s article in its spring 2010 issue.

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