Practical Prosecution: Trial Ad Board Hosts Seminar with Commonwealth’s Attorneys

Thursday, September 17, 2009, Regent’s Trial Advocacy Board hosted its first Trial Practice Seminar of the year. Aiming to orient students to all aspects of prosecuting cases, the seminar explored both the theoretical and practical decision-making strategies of prosecutors.

Three Commonwealth Attorneys were the guests of honor: Chesapeake’s Nancy Parr, Newport News’ Howard Gwynn, and Virginia Beach’s Harvey Bryant. The notable figures spoke to students on a wide array of criminal justice topics.

“Regent students were fortunate to have the expertise of three elected Commonwealth Attorneys,” said Andrew Page, Chairman of the Trial Advocacy Board. “These are the attorneys who present the biggest and most controversial cases. They also have the responsibility of representing the large number of citizens who voted them in.”

The night was a great success, giving students answers to important practice questions such as: What standard do prosecutors use when deciding to bring a case? When should a prosecutor decide to offer a plea agreement? What is it like, morally and professionally, to ask a jury to give a defendant the death penalty? And what is the relationship between prosecutors and the defense bar?

Page said that the Board seeks to reach out to the Hampton Roads legal community so that Regent students may benefit from practical development and be prepared to enter Hampton Roads courtrooms.

Many students benefit from the relationship this type of event provides. The attorneys at the seminar complimented Regent students and graduates for their work in the Commonwealth's Attorneys offices, both as interns and as Assistant District Attorneys. They admonished Regent to continue sending students to their offices as Regent stresses moral and ethical legal practice.

More information about Regent’s Trial Advocacy Board can be found on its webpage.

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