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Regent Law Alumni Publish with Duke, Cardozo, UCLA and other Law Journals

Regent University School of Law Alumni continue to publish with some of the nation’s leading journals.

Here’s just a snapshot of Regent Law alumni who have published scholarly articles and essays in recent years:

(Please Note: All links will open in a PDF file)

William Lee Andrews III (’97)
"No Bull’s Eye for “Targeted” International Tax Rules"
16 Virginia Tax Review 781 (1999).

Charles Mark Bennett (’06)
"Takings Under the Big Sky Post Kelo"
31 Montana Lawyer 5 (March 2006).

Karen Turnage Boyd (’05)
"The Tale of Two Systems: How Integrated Divorce Laws Can Remedy the Unintended Effects of Pure No Fault Divorce"
12 Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender 609 (2006).

Lisa A. Brion (’08)
"Constitutionally Coerced: Why Sentencing a Convicted Offender to a Faith Based Rehabilitation Program Does Not Violate the Establishment Clause"
7 Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal 263 (2008).

Debra M. Bryan (’04)
"It’s My Body and I’ll Die if I Want To"
8 Michigan State Journal Medicine & Law 45 (2004).

Brandon Chad Bungard (’99)
"Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum! I Smell the Efficiency of the English Rule Finding the Right Approach to Tort Reform"
31 Seton Hall Legislative Journal 1 (2006).

"Indecent Exposure: An Economic Approach to Removing the Boob from the Tube"
13 UCLA Entertainment Law Journal 187 (2006).

"John Salvia III’s Revenge From the Grave: How the Abatement Doctrine Undercuts the Ability of Abortion Providers to Stop Clinic Violence"
5 New York City Law Review 141 (2002) (Co-author).

"Offshore Banking in the British Dependencies"
9 Touro International Law Review 141 (2001).

Amy M. Clark (’01)
"How Putative Father Registries Foster the Best Interest of the Child Standard"
1 Appalachian Journal of Law 57 (2002).

Tara Dahl (’07)
"Surveys in America’s Classrooms: How Much Do Parents Really Know?"
37 Journal of Legal Education 143 (2008).

Michael K. Elliott (’03)
"Tales of Parenthood from the Crypt: The Predicament of the Posthumously Conceived Child"
39 Real Property Probate & Trust Journal 47 (2004).

Bruce W. Green (’89)
"Ends & Means: The Founding of Liberty University School of Law"
1 Liberty University Law Review 1 (2006).

Michelle Hansen (’97)
"Preventing the Emasculation of Warfare: Halting the Expansion of Human Rights"
Law in Armed Conflict 194 Military Law Review 1 (2007).

H. Wayne House (’86)
"A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Can There Be Peaceful Coexistence of Religion with the Secular State?"
13 Brigham Young University Journal of Public Law 203 (1999).

"The Parable of the Good Samaritan: Implications for the Euthanasia Debate"
11 Issues in Law & Medicine 159 (1995).

Joseph A. Kohm, Jr. (’96)
"Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption: Its Going, Going…Gone!"
20 Nova Law Review 1231 (1996).

Monte Kuligowski (’96)
"The Supreme Court’s Dilemma: Respecting Establishment Clause Jurisprudence"
38 Cumberland Law Review 245 (2007-2008).

"Gibson v. Commonwealth of Virginia: The Ends of Justice Deferred"
15 Virginia Journal of Social Policy 397 (2008).

"Does the Declaration of Independence Pass the Lemon Test"
2 Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy 287 (2007).

"Rethinking DUI in Virginia (Annual Survey of Virginia Law)"
42 Richmond L. Rev. 1071 (2007).

"Romer v. Evans: Judicial Judgment or Emotive Utterance"
12 St. Johns Journal of Legal Commentary 323 (1996).

Leo Marvin Lestino (’08)
"Can Jiminy Cricket be Silenced: Congressional Spending Powers, Federalism & the Federal Recusal Clause"
12 Jones Law Review 29 (2007-2008).

Patricia A. Long (’01)
"The North Atlantic Treaty Organization: The Legal Status of an Allied Headquarters to Import & Resell Duty-Free Merchandise within the Conflicts of Law Hierarchy"
34 George Washington International Law Review 287 (2002).

"In the Name of God: Religious Terrorism in the Millennium: An Analysis of Holy Terror, Government Resources & Cooperative Efforts of a Nation to Restrain Its Global Impact"
24 Suffolk Transnational Law Journal 51 (2000).

Tyesha E. Lowery (’98)
"One “Get Out of Jail Free” Card: Should Probation Be an Authorized Courts Martial Punishment?"
198 Military Law Review 165 (2008).

Robert F. McDonnel (’89)
"First Principles of Virginia’s Fifth Century (Forward)"
41 University of Richmond Law Review 1 (2006).

Paul M. Miller (’94)
"The Establishment Clause: A Barrier to Morals Legislation"
1 Jones L. Review 37 (1997).

Bruce D. Page, Jr. (’02)
"When Reliance is Detrimental: Economic, Moral & Policy Arguments for Expectation Damages in Contracts Terminated for the Convenience of Government"
61 Air Force Law Review 1 (2008).

Jonathan Penn (’09)
"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Death of the Inconvenient Other"
To be published in MARQ. ELDER’S ADVISOR, Spring 2010.

Kevin M. Powers (’04)
"The Sword & the Shield: RLUIPA & the New Battle for Religious Freedom"
22 Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal 145 (2003-2004).

Jessica R. Powers (’04)
"An Illegitimate Use of Legislative Power: Mississippi’s Inappropriate Child Surname Law in Paternity Proceedings"
8 UC Davis Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy 153 (2004).

F. Scott Risley (’90)
"The Receipt, Negotiation & Resolution of Environmental Enforcement Actions"
54 Air Force Law Review 89 (2004).

Jack McDaniel Sawyer (’98)
"The Constitutionality of “Rescue Fund Triggers” in North Carolina’s Judicial Campaign Reform Act"
2 First Amendment Law Review 267 (2004).

Ellen O. Smith (’89)
"The Supreme Court: New Hope for the Restoration of Federalism"
26 University of Richmond Law Review (1991-1992)
(Co-Author Beverly LaHaye).

Kevin M. Smith (’99)
"The United States Convention on the Rights of the Child: The Sacrifice of American Children on the Altar of Third World Activism"
38 Washburn Law Review 111 (1998).

"The Effect of Kansas Tort Reform on Tomorrow’s Asbestos Litigants: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul"
39 Washburn Law Review 63 (1999).

"Preventing Discovery of Internal Investigation Materials: Protecting Oneself from One’s Own Petard"
69 Journal Kansas Bar Association 28 (August 2000).

Jeremy Tedesco (’05)
"The Story Behind Vidal V. Girard’s Executors: Joseph Story, the Philadelphia Bible Riots & Religious Liberty"
32 Pepperdine Law Review 605 (2005) (Co-Author Jay Alan Sekulow).

Shawn E. Tuma (’99)
"Law in Texas Literature: Texas Justice—Judge Roy Bean Style"
21 Review of Litigation 551 (2002).

"Municipalities & the Internet: A Few Legal Issues"
27 Thurgood Marshall L. Review 49 (2001).

"It Ain’t Over ‘Til …A Post Y2-K Analysis of the Y-2K Litigation & Legislation"
31 Texas Tech Law Review 1195 (2000).

"Contracting over the Internet in Texas"
52 Baylor L. Rev 381 (2000).

Shawn A. Voyles (’98)
"Cargo Litigation: A Primer on Cargo Claims & Review of Recent Developments"
16 University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal 1 (2003-2004) (Co-Author).

Robin T. Walter (’87)
"Pre-Mortem Planning for Post-Modern Charitable Deductions"
70 Michigan Bar Journal 1204 (1991).

Martha Westbrook (’04)
"Can You Disinherit the I.R.S.?"
49 Res Gestae 28 (2005).

Joseph Zavalletta, Jr. (’89)
"Using E-Dispute Technology to Facilitate the Reduction of E-Contract Disputes: A Modest Proposal"
7 Journal of Technology & Law 2 (2002).

"Coppa, Kids, Cookies & Chat Rooms: We’re from the Government and We’re Here to Protect Your Children"
17 Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal 249 (2001).

Erik M. Zimmerman (’05)
"Posting the Ten Commandments is a Law Respecting the Establishment of Religion: How McCreary County v. ACLU Illustrates the Need to Reexamine the Lemon Test & Its Purpose Prong"
23 Thomas M. Cooley Law Review 25 (2006) (Co-Author with Jay Alan Sekulow).

"Weeding Them Out by the Roots: The Unconstitutionality of Regulating Grassroots Advocacy"
19 Stanford Law & Policy Review 164 (2008) (Co-Author with Jay Alan Sekulow).

"Pleasant Grove City v. Summum: Unholding the Government’s Authority to Craft Its Own Message Through Privately Donated or Funded Monuments, Memorials & Artwork"
3 Charleston Law Review 175 (2009).

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