Law School Dean Gives “State of the School” Address

Law school Dean Jeffrey Brauch sounded a note of balanced optimism at the annual “State of the School” address, praising improvements in the school’s bar passage rate, employment placement, and incoming student LSAT/GPA metrics while offering encouragement to 3Ls beginning their employment search in the midst of a challenging job market.

Dean Brauch opened his address by highlighting a recent Carnegie Foundation on Education report calling for ethically principled legal education and practice, noting that Regent’s integrated curriculum has been training students to practice law ethically and professionally since its inception - in advance of recent findings.

He reminded faculty, students, and staff that Regent Law’s goals haven’t changed, confirming that the school would continue to integrate faith and law with excellence in legal advocacy skills training, and would continue to produce alumni called to engage the world with Christian legal though and practice.

Supporting his remarks with quantifiables including a recent faculty Fulbright, alumnus Bob McDonnell’s recent Virginia gubernatorial victory, and a catalogue of recent student competition wins, Dean Brauch concluded with a request for prayerful support for Regent Law’s emerging Center for Global Justice and the Rule of Law. The Center would continue the school’s commitment to social justice by training and placing the next generation of legal advocates within preexisting foundations, like International Justice Mission, providing much needed legal support along with service opportunities for students.

“We are called to engage the world with Christian legal thought and action,” Brauch said. “By God’s grace, thirty years from now, the legal profession and the law will look different because we are here.”

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