School of Law Commissions 2010 Graduates

Earlier this month the Class of 2010 gathered at the Chesapeake Conference Center to share a few last moments remembering their three years together.

Regent Law’s special Commissioning ceremony is an intimate time set aside to applaud individual success, to pray together, and to perform the ceremonial “hooding.”

Academic regalia such as the doctoral hood date back to the 12th century. Hoods and gowns were modeled after medieval ecclesiastical dress, likely because it was common for scholars to make vows to God as they began their professions.

A powerful image of the transition between learning and fulfilling a call, the hooding ceremony continues at Regent today.

A faculty member places the colorful doctoral hood over the head of each graduate, confirming the completion of the academic portion of their training. Paralleling the medieval tradition, the graduates are then charged with being lawyers of integrity, committed to justice and eternal truth.

After the hooding ceremony, the law community prays that God will help the graduates uphold these principles as they work out their calling as public defenders, human rights advocates, and small and big firm attorneys around the world.

Congratulations once again to the Class of 2010!

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Photography: David Boller

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