Law Chapel Welcomes Operation Christmas Child

77 million. That’s a big number. That’s the number of Shoeboxes that Operation Christmas Child (OCC) has distributed to children around the world since 1993. Some people may see that number and think that their one additional shoebox will not make a difference. This week’s Chapel speaker, Neal Johnson, could not disagree more.

Johnson, the Hampton Roads area coordinator for OCC, has been packing boxes with his family for over 16 years. Each box is designated to a boy or girl of a certain age and filled with everything from stuffed animals to toothbrushes, and coloring books to clothes. While he gained much joy from the experience, the boxes would always go to some nameless, faceless child on the other side of the world. Then, two years ago, he took a trip to Lima, Peru, to help distribute the boxes in person. This changed everything. After praying that God would show him which child was to receive his box he met a young boy named Harold. “That’s Harold,” said Johnson, pointing to a picture of the boy displayed on the screen, “that’s the face of my ministry.”

Johnson has learned that even though Jesus was always surrounded by a crowd of people, He never failed to focus on the one person in need. So now, instead of seeing a countless mass of needy children, he sees the individual child who needs Jesus’s love.

“Every year when I give a box or boxes, it is for all the Harold’s of the world.”

The Moot Court Board, who sponsored the service, will be collecting Shoeboxes from Nov. 1st-15th. For information on how you can be a part of this life changing opportunity contact the Moot Court Board or visit the Operation Christmas Child website.

- By Molly Eccles

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