Regent Law’s Strasbourg, France Summer Program Receives High Marks

This past year, Regent University School of Law’s Summer Program in Strasbourg, France was by all accounts a success. The American Bar Association (ABA) who accredits the program made an evaluation visit this summer and gave the classes a score of 4.8 on a 5 point scale for quality of teaching.

The Strasbourg Program courses give students the opportunity to learn about international law and human rights issues from a Christian perspective. Program courses are taught by Regent Law faculty and included officials from European legal and human rights organizations. Among this year’s visiting speakers was Hans Christian Kruger, former Secretary of the European Commission of Human Rights and former Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

In addition to teaching quality, the ABA evaluated the Strasbourg Program on a range of criteria from educational content to quality of accommodations. According to their subsequent accreditation report, “The program was well organized and well administered. Students were engaged in an active teaching/learning process in all four classes. The program was located in a very rich environment to study international law and human rights. Facilities were very good and appropriate for the program.”

As well as high ratings from the ABA, this year’s program received high marks from students. Of the 33 students who participated, the majority rated their program experience between 4 and 5 on a 5 point scale.

Second year Regent Law student Faith Collins had this to say of her Strasbourg participation, “I have been privileged to travel a lot, but this trip was very distinct and worthwhile because it gave me the chance to experience France in the context of my legal interests,” she said. “I also appreciated the opportunity to bond with students from other classes and other universities … I was able to befriend others who have my same heart and vision.”

Regent Law faculty participants were also enthusiastic about this year’s Strasbourg experience, especially Associate Professor David Velloney, who will take over as acting director of the program in 2011. In addition to commending the academic and legal opportunities afforded by the program, he had this to say:
A highlight for me as well as many of the students was Strasbourg’s proximity to other exciting locations in Europe. The long weekends provided us with windows of time to visit Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Rome, Salzburg, Prague, and other places that students may not have another chance to see in their lifetimes.
The camaraderie, fellowship, and experience of studying abroad are simply unparalleled, and I encourage those who have not yet been to Strasbourg to join us for an incredibly rewarding experience in the summer of 2011!
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- By Kristy Morris

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