Regent Village Provides a Sense of Community for Regent Law Families

The overwhelming concern of those with families who consider attending law school is how their families will adjust to a new lifestyle. Regent Law seeks to provide students with families everything they need to succeed and thrive during their law school experience.

One of the ways Regent Law families find support is by living in Regent Village, the University’s 22 acre, 30-building student housing complex located less than a mile from campus. The Village’s large, park-like setting offers ample public space to foster family and community relationships. Amenities include a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, a covered picnic area, and a playground.

A soccer field in the center of the complex is home to the Regent Village Youth Soccer League, open to children of residents and Regent University staff and faculty. The community room offers space for Bible studies, baby showers and parties, and also houses the King’s Pantry, a service that provides donated groceries to residents free of charge.

Area Director for Regent Village Jocelyn Greene-McHugh and her staff aim to offer a safe, private, and well maintained environment that fosters a spirit of Christian community. “Here, you get to live among people with the same morals, values and mindset and share the joys of being in a Christian atmosphere,” says McHugh.

A resident herself, McHugh is a tremendous asset to the Village. “I want to be involved and experience what they experience,” she says. “Residents recognize that I’m trying to do my best for my community. I’m just doing what I would want for myself as a resident.”

Director McHugh and her staff foster community at Regent Village by planning monthly, family friendly events for residents. At this year’s fall Meet and Greet event, 200 residents came out for fellowship, games, and pizza to get to know their neighbors. Other events include the Fall Festival, a Turkey Trot and a holiday door decorating contest.

Outdoor family movie nights are also scheduled periodically. “Families can just come right out their doors,” says McHugh. “I’m a parent as well, and I understand how difficult it can be to transport younger children to events. We’re trying to make it easier.”

Tim Downing, 3L law student, Village resident, husband and father of three says, “We didn’t really understand the full extent of the Village before we came to Regent Law. Had we known, it would have been a deciding factor. Living in the Village has been a huge part of our experience here. There’s such a strong sense of community, and I don’t have to be concerned about my family being isolated,” he says.

Tim’s wife Lan says of families who opt out of student housing, “The day-in-day-out support is what they miss. We recently had two families with three kids each who got separate houses. After two months, they packed up and moved to the Village!”

Regent Village housing is open to qualifying graduate students on a first-come first-served basis. If your family is considering Regent Law, consider Regent Village.

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- By Kristy Morris

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