Attorney-in-Residence Addresses Law Chapel

Randy Singer is a pastor, critically acclaimed author, president of FamilyNet television, and attorney-in-residence at Regent Law. So when asked to address last Thursday’s Law Chapel participants it comes as no surprise that he drew from his God-given years of varied experience and wisdom when challenging students, faculty, and staff.

Referencing Acts 19:8-22 which recounts the Apostle Paul bringing the gospel to the city of Ephesus, Singer discussed the Apostle Paul’s fearless pursuit and distribution of the gospel. He compared that to today’s Christians who claim to desire the advancement of the gospel, but all the while retreat to Christian safe-zones. “The gospel is not meant to be a fortress but a battering ram,” he said.

After commending Regent Law, which ensures a solid Christian foundation and integration of faith into the study and practice of law, Singer encouraged listeners “not to get comfortable at a place like Regent.” He went on to offer that “God wants us to integrate His law and His truth in every aspect of whatever area of law we choose to practice.”  According to Singer there are no “secular” fields of law or offices from which to practice because “God wants authority over every square-inch of creation,” including places that are not overtly Christian.

He then went on to share a brief clip from the TV show Undercover Boss, a program in which heads of major corporations go undercover to work the entry level positions of their own companies. By the end of the clip the boss was astounded at the upbeat attitude and adventurous spirit of his employee who emptied and cleaned portable toilets for a living.

“Christ is the ultimate undercover boss,” Singer said after reading Matt. 25:35-40 which states, “… to the extent that you did it to one of the least of these brothers of Mine… you did it to Me.”  Singer said that when you are serving the least of your clients, you are serving the Lord. “What sanctifies [the legal profession] is not the type of law that you practice but the heart that you bring to it.”

Singer concluded by speaking to the power of living by faith in God, and not by our own efforts. “It should be ordinary for Christians to have extraordinary things happen in their lives, but only if the extraordinary is sought for the purpose of glorifying God, not ourselves."

- By Molly Eccles

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