Center for Global Justice Announces Appointed Summer Interns

The Center for Global Justice is thrilled to be sending twelve law interns this summer to aid organizations and ministries in France, India, South Korea, Russia, the United States and Mexico in their work on urgent human rights issues, including the rescue of trafficked victims, the protection of orphans and street children and the prosecution of human traffickers.

“Each intern is passionate about doing this work for their whole career,” said 3L Ashleigh Chapman, Administrative Director for the Center. “This was a critical component of them getting the internships in the first place.” Several interns will serve in their native countries with plans to return after graduation. The selected law students for summer 2011 internships are as follows:

Anna Ernest (2L), a native of Russia, will work at the European Center for Law and Justice on international religious freedom and human rights in Strasbourg, France.

Alana Martinez (3L), from California, will work with Generate Hope in providing aftercare for victims of domestic trafficking, prosecution and abuse in San Diego, Ca.

Jeana Master-Publico (3L) will work with alumnus Evan Henck (’07) at Freedom Firm, an organization in India that rescues trafficked victims, prosecutes traffickers and provides aftercare for those rescued.

Natalya Merkuryeva-Dennett (2L), a native Russian, will return there to work on behalf of orphans and trafficked victims at Movement Spprotivlenie.

Keila Molina (3L), a native of Mexico, will return there to work for Casa Alianza Mexico with orphans, street children and trafficked victims, while also continuing to build the Center’s partnership with Christian Congresswoman Rosi Orozco, a leader in human rights advocacy.

Charity Ramsey (3L) will work with alumna Ann Buwalda (’90) on international religious freedom and asylum immigration issues at Jubilee Campaign and Just Law in Fairfax, Va.

Kayla Rolen (3L) will work with alumna Julie Clark (’07) in providing aftercare for victims of domestic trafficking at Doma International of Columbus, Ohio for half of the summer and will work with Chapman at the Center for the other half.

Minyeon Monica Ryou (2L), a native of South Korea, will return there to work on international religious freedom and human trafficking issues with two organizations, Somyoung Law Firm and Christian Lawyers Fellowship.

Matthew Watson (2L), Stephen Seefried (3L), Nicole LeBoeuf (2L), and Marie Krouse (2L) comprise the legislation team for the budding Richmond Justice Initiative organization in Richmond, Va. They will be working in conjunction with local law enforcement, the district attorney’s office and Gov. McDonnell’s office on domestic and international human trafficking, policy and legislation issues.

The Center for Global Justice internships offer law students the opportunity to use their expertise as a tool of ministry. “We’re paying all their expenses so they can be law missionaries over the summer,” Chapman explained. “This is just one step in helping each of them move towards using their law degree as a ministry.”

For more information on the interns and to follow their summer experiences, click here.

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