Law Student Wins Best Advocate in National Pretrial Competition

Regent Law Student Ashleigh Chapman’s hard work in the 2011 National Pretrial Competition yielded her an award for “Best Advocate for the First Round.”

Associate Professor David Velloney coached Ashleigh’s team, and remarked that he was proud of their performance and knew Ashleigh deserved the achievement. “I would gladly have her litigating cases for me,” Velloney said. “She’d be my first round draft pick – she’s that good!”

Regent Law’s team was one of 12 that competed in Stetson University’s National Pretrial Competition over the weekend of October 15-16—a competitive, invitation-only event that tests the problems solving skills of aspiring law graduates. In previous years, Regent University School of Law’s trial advocacy teams have been awarded 2 Best Brief Awards, 3 Best Advocate Awards, and one National Championship.

by Sarah Bruso

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