Professor Kohm Featured at Monthly Assembly

Family, individualism and the concept of liberty. These were the themes of the latest Regent University School of Undergraduate Studies (RSU) Assembly held on Monday, Jan. 9. The monthly gathering is designed to bring together RSU students, faculty and staff for a time of learning, fellowship and reflection.

This month's featured speaker was Lynne Marie Kohm, the John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law in Regent's School of Law.

Kohm's address began with an exploration of individualism. "It's such a fundamental concept that it makes bedfellows on both sides of the debate," she said. Kohm then provided background of how legislation—particularly a number of significant legal decisions—has impacted society's definition of individualism and how, in turn, that definition has impacted the idea of family.

While Kohm is quick to explain that a healthy sense of individual is good for families and societies, she is quick to note that it can go too far. "The assumption is that individualism ... is an American right," she explained. "Individualism without boundaries is really dangerous."

She referenced a number of Supreme Court decisions where individual rights have ultimately prevailed as a priority over marriage and children.

Ultimately, Kohm stressed that individuals cannot just look to the law to determine their individual rights. "Law can be informed by truth to restore meaning to individual rights," but, she said, quoting James 2:13, "Mercy triumphs over judgment."

Ultimately, a renewed sense of morality will also inform the law. "Only when we as individuals ... turn to a true freedom in Christ will that be possible," she said.

Click here to read Prof. Kohm's discussion.

By Rachel Judy

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