Regent Hosts Visiting Delegation of Russian Judges

Whether the setting is a courtroom in the far reaches of Siberia or on the bench in the seven cities of Virginia's Tidewater region, establishing and furthering the rule of law remains the goal of democratic judicial systems worldwide.

As part of the library of Congress' Rule of Law initiative, Regent University, along with the U.S. Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk Division, and the Norfolk Sister Cities Organization, recently welcomed a delegation of ten Russian trial and constitutional court judges to a dinner event highlighting their experiences furthering the rule of law in their home country.

On Wednesday, April 25, a group of Hampton Roads judges and legal practitioners along with law school deans, faculty and other university guests enjoyed comments from four Russian judges exploring how the rule of law is functioning within their legal system as their society evolves from a communist to a capitalist framework.

"The judges' comments gave us all insight into how our Russian counterparts value and strive for a system that fully recognizes the rule of law," said Darius Davenport, director of Career & Alumni Services at the School of Law and event co-facilitator. "Our guests themselves were impressed by a tour of our law school and enjoyed connecting with local judges, attorneys and law students."

Judge Henry Coke Morgan, U.S. Federal District Court judge and Regent University School of Law adjunct professor, served as the lead host judge for this year's delegation and gave the event s opening address. Law school Dean Jeffrey Brauch opened with an invocation and closed the event.

This is the eleventh year the Norfolk Division of the U.S. Federal District Court has hosted a delegation of Russian Judges, and the first time Regent Law has served as a co-sponsor.

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