Faculty Highlight: Professor Eleanor Weston Brown

This fall Professor Eleanor Weston Brown spoke at the 13th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation hosted by The University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, the UBC National Centre for Business Law, and the UBC Centre for Law and the Environment in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The conference focused on relationships between the environment and taxation, including the political, psychological, institutional and other barriers to the adoption of environmental taxation; emerging developments and new opportunities for the introduction of environmental taxation; and the potential for environmental taxation to induce technological innovation for the abatement of pollution.

Professor Brown’s conference paper, “Agricultural Reform and the U.S. 2012 Farm Bill: A Call for Conservation, Healthy Food and Transparency,” addressed what Brown contends are missed opportunities for reform in agricultural subsidies within the proposed 2012 Farm Bill.

Brown believes that access to healthy food, clean water and the preservation of natural resources are human right issues. She enjoyed participating in a conference addressing such concerns.

“Scholars from all over the world came together to discuss all forms of fiscal instruments used to change behavior for the common good,” she said. “We are indeed one world and the work we do has global impact that can make a difference.”

Professor Brown currently teaches Individual Federal Income Tax, Estate and Gift Tax, Corporate Tax, and Estate Planning. Learn more about Professor Brown.

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