Faculty Achievements: Week ending April 4, 2014

Professor James Duane's recent article, "The Proper Pronunciation of Certiorari: The Supreme Court’s Surprising Six-Way Split," will be published in the next issue of The Green Bag.

Professor Tom Folsom delivered a well-received presentation at the Drake Law Intellectual Property Scholars Roundtable.He presented a paper he is currently working on: "Algorithm Methods: A New Clue for Patent Eligible Subject Matter." It is based on the popular software case, CLS Bank Intern v. Alice Corporation, which was argued before the Supreme Court this week. He hopes to offer the same presentation at Regent on April 15.

Professor Michael Hernandez's new book, Unlocking Estates in Land and Future Interests, will be published this month and available for Fall 2014 courses.

Professor Bradley Jacob appeared on The Randy Tobler Show and discussed the Affordable Care Act's Contraception Coverage Mandate. Listen to the interview here (3-29-14 The Randy Tobler Show, Hour 2).

Last week, Professor Lynne Marie Kohm participated in the International Studies Association Annual Conference in Toronto. On March 26, she was a panelist for the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. She presented "A Brief Assessment of the 25-Year Effect of the Convention on the Rights of the Child." Her previous article on this topic,
"Suffer the Little Children," is her most downloaded piece.
Professor David Wagner's recent article on the constitutionality of home schooling will appear in the Fall 2014 issue of theOklahoma City University Law Review. Professor Wagner will also address the University of Illinois at Champagne Federalist Society on April 3 on the Sixth Amendment confrontation clause.

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