Faculty Achievements: Week ending July 11, 2014

Professor Bruce Cameron published an article, "A Good Day for Employee Freedom," in Room for Debate, a popular opinion blog in The New York Times. Read more here.

Professor Cameron was part of the legal team that represented employees in Harris v. Quinn, in which the Supreme Court ruled that homecare workers who are funded by Medicaid should not be forced to pay fees for a union in which they are not a member. 

Professor Cameron wrote an article for the Church State Council Blog entitled “A Westboro Moment.” He discusses the First Amendment right to free speech and how it relates to Dr. Eric Walsh, a Seventh-day Adventist associate pastor and director and health officer for the City of Pasadena, who was suspended from his job with the City of Pasadena when the city learned of his conservative beliefs.

One of Professor Kenneth Ching's latest papers, "Beauty and Ugliness in Offer and Acceptance," is currently the second most downloaded article on SSRN under the topic "Legal Scholarship Network: Contracts."

Professor Ching also posted a new article, "What We Consent to When We Consent to Form Contracts: Market Price," on SSRN. The paper argues that consent to form contracts should be construed as consent to pay market price.

Professors Eric DeGroffBenjamin Madison, and Natt Gantt recently joined the Alliance for Experiential Learning in Law.  The organization, which began in 2011, strives to transform legal education in response to challenges that have emerged in the field. Members represent 113 law schools and legal service organizations. The professors also represented Regent Law last month at an invitation-only workshop, "Helping Each Student Internalize the Core Values and Ideals of the Profession," held at the University of St. Thomas School of Law.

Professor Lynne Marie Kohm's article, "Roe's Effects on Family Law," was recently listed on SSRN's Top 10 download list for the topic of AARN: Family Law.

The latest article by  Professor Lynne Marie Kohm and alum Elizabeth Oklevitch ('14), “Federalism or Extreme Makeover of State Domestic Regulations Power? The Rules and Rhetoric of Windsor (and Perry),” is now available on SSRN.

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