Faculty Achievements: Week ending October 3, 2014

Professors Natt Gantt and Benjamin Madison presented "Cultivating Professional Identity in Law School: One School's Experience" at the Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Conference in Denver on September 18.

Professor James Duane will be giving a talk at Villanova Law School on October 14 at the invitation of the Federalist Society.

Professor Tessa Dysart received and accepted an offer to publish her article "The Origination Clause, the Affordable Care Act, and Indirect Constitutional Violations" from the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, one of the top three law and policy journals and among the top 100 student-edited law journals generally.

On Friday, October 10 Professor Lynne Marie Kohm will be presenting A Prospective Analysis of Family Fragmentation (or Baby Mama Meets Jane Austen) at BYU for a symposium there on the Future of the Family.

The Honorable Patricia West, distinguished professor and associate dean in Regent University Schools of Law and Government, spoke at the second annual Senator A. Willis Robertson Lecture on Virginia Politics, hosted by the Robertson School of Government at noon on September 23, 2014 in the Moot Courtroom of Robertson Hall.  

Regent Law Secures Victory at 12th Annual Statewide Legal Food Frenzy for Third Year Running

Regent University School of Law students, faculty,  and staff contributed to the 1.5 million pounds of food collected by the local legal com...