Regent Law Faculty Achievements - Week of April 11, 2016

Regent University's School of Law Faculty members willingly share their knowledge and expertise beyond the classroom to spark scholarly debate and advance the practice of law. Their latest endeavors include the following.

Assistant Professor Tessa Dysart appeared on CBN News again regarding the SCOTUS nominee. Watch it here.

Associate Professor Brad Jacob appeared several times on WNIS 790 AM at 9 AM discussing law and politics.

Professor Tom Folsom debated at the Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law, in Dallas, TX, on March 9, presenting “Streamlined Innovation or Regulatory Capture? A Five Year Retrospective on the America Invents Act.”

Professor Natt Gantt and Associate Dean Lynn Marie Kohm presented at Pepperdine’s Annual Nootbar Conference, “Teaching Millennials to Love Justice,” discussing in a plenary session how to build an appreciation of justice for millennials as law students (as previously set out at The Emperor Has No Clothes, But Does Anyone Really Care? How Law Schools are Failing to Develop Students' Professional Identity and Practical Judgment) particularly in the context of family breakdown costs to millennials (see A Fifty-State Survey of the Cost of Family Fragmentation).

Center for Global Justice Administrative Director Ernie Walton will be attending a conference called Faith and Law Around the Globe (FLAG) sponsored by CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ).

Allison Haefner and Associate Dean Lynne Marie Kohm have published "Empowering Love and Respect for Child Offenders through Therapeutic Jurisprudence: The Teen Courts Example," in an online international journal at Sociology and Anthropology 4(4): 212-221 (2016). This paper was also presented at the American Society for Criminology Annual Conference, in Washington, D.C. back in November.

Professor Craig Stern’s SSRN downloads have recently topped 1,200 all-time downloads. View his research.

Associate Dean Ben Madison’s SSRN downloads just topped 500 for the year, and he’s approaching 2,000 all-time downloads.  View his publications.

Professor James Duane’s latest book You Have the Right to Remain Innocent, is now available for pre-order on Amazon, where Amazon has currently ranked it in the top 10 "Hot New Releases" in the Social Sciences Reference area. Professor Duane has also seen his SSRN numbers rise above 2,000 in total downloads, and more than 1,200 for the past twelve months.  View his publications.

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