Library Spotlights Faculty Scholarship

One of Regent University’s distinctive characteristics is the camaraderie that occurs among faculty, staff, and students in pursuit of scholarship and Christian community. On May 17, the University Library hosted their second biannual spotlight on faculty scholarship in the Library Gallery.

Among these honored authors was Professor James Duane from the School of Law. Duane had the opportunity to share some highlights and stories from his book, You Have the Right to Remain Innocent, which was written and published following his classroom lecture, “Do Not Talk to the Police,” that went viral on YouTube, and now has over 2 million views. Duane was a humorous speaker, bringing laughter to the room, but he emphasized his purpose in writing and speaking about this book: “The Lord is not pleased with those who falsely accuse the innocent by ways of deceit, and I think light needs to be shed on this subject. Young and innocent people are getting falsely convicted and imprisoned more than we know, and I think it should be talked about.”


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